The Market Spec Story

​The Market Spec Group was formed in the summer of 2016, when the founder, Mike Oitzman, realized that there were over 2300 robotics companies vying for a piece of the robotics & industrial automation marketplace. Many of these companies are large, multi-national organizations who've been selling automation solutions for decades through a variety of channels. A subset of these companies are startups, with innovative new ideas, but no real market share. As anyone who sells capital equipment knows, the sales cycle can be long and frustrating for both vendors and customers. Mike's experience in managing, marketing and selling enterprise software during the evolution from on-premise licensing to cloud-based solutions, was a perfect pivot point to bring the "as-a-service" business concept to the world of robotics. thus the Market Spec Group was born.

The MarketSpec team has sales and marketing experience across a broad range of companies and markets, including experience at companies such as Hewlett Packard, BMC Software, Remedy Software, Adept Technology, and OMRON Corporation.

Let us help you by leveraging that experience to define new markets for your existing products or explore inorganic growth in completely new markets. We can also help you fill in the gaps in your product marketing, product management and sales enablement teams, creating new assets and through project implementation.

Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS)

If the idea of a subscription based sales model and service based solution delivery sounds interesting for your business, then the Market Spec Group is your partner to help work through all of the unique issues with designing a RaaS optimized solution and creating a service based organization. If you've already started down the path of developing a RaaS based solution and solution based organization, then the Market Spec Group can help you fill in all of the missing pieces.

The Market Spec Difference:

Market Intelligence

Relevant market intelligence provides your organization with the key data necessary to make the right product and organization development choices. Through both primary and secondary research MarketSpec can help you make the right decisions.

Focus areas:

  • Market Requirements
  • Primary and secondary market research​

Product Planning

Product Management is a game of trade offs which balance scarce resources (like your engineering team) and the market potential.  At MarketSpec, our team has experience refining product plans and leading product teams through a successful release.

Focus areas:

  • ​Product Specifications
  • Pricing & licensing strategies
  • User stories
  • Product Roadmap

Product Launch

Product Marketing starts with a robust and thorough launch plan. Whether you need help with the planning process or all the way through execution, the MarketSpec team has experience successfully launching dozens of products across a variety of markets.

Focus areas:​

  • ​Launch planning
  • Marketing Asset checklist
  • PR plan / schedule

Sales Tools

Let's face it, your sales team has a short attention span for new information, however when a sales opportunity is on the line, they need information pronto. The MarketSpec team excels in creating all of the tools necessary to keep your sales team sharp and capable of closing important business.

Focus areas:

  • Product Catalogs
  • Pricing/Licensing/Price Lists
  • Product Brochures
  • Competitive battlecards
  • Sales presentations

Sales Enablement

Every new product announcement or start of the new fiscal year requires that you educate your sales team about the great new offers and new solution offerings. MarketSpec has over 20 years of experience with sales enablement. We can help with planning and content delivery.

Focus areas:

  • ​Curricula design
  • Enablement delivery
  • Training seminars / webinars
  • Skill Certification & testing
  • On demand tool delivery & management

Digital Marketing

Making rain for your solution over digital media is now a full time job. The rules have changed and your marketing strategy has to evolve along with it. If you need help designing a new digital marketing strategy and then working through the process to implement it, MarketSpec can be your partner for success.

Focus areas:​

  • Email marketing campaigns​
  • Website
  • Webinars & podcasts
  • Blogs​
  • ​Social Media best practices
  • Social media channel optimization
  • Managing social media channels