Case 3: Ghost Blogging

Deliverable: Ghostwrite blog posts for a major enterprise software vendor

Market: Enterprise cloud software 

Customer: VMware

The following list includes the content which which was ghost written by Market Spec and published with attribution to VMware product marketing managers.


Client is a major enterprise software and cloud infrastructure supplier. 

MarketSpec was hired by the client to ghostwrite content for a product specific edition of the client's blog. Editorial calendar owned by  marketing resources on the clients team.

Project Details​

​The project is ongoing, with  contributions every week. Typical blog post editing is on a two week running lead time.

Typical blog workflow:

Week 1 - Research and interview subject matter experts (SME). Draft blog post.

Week 2 - SME review. Edits made. Final proofread  and layout by editor.

Week 3 - Ready for publication. Product marketing manager posts article online.

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