AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOTS are changing the way your world works.

The MOBILE ROBOT BUYERS GUIDE is here to help new buyers like you, make an informed purchasing decision.

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2017 Mobile Robot Buyers Guide

Purchasing the wrong MOBILE ROBOT could cost you your job!

With so many new MOBILE ROBOT vendors and solutions on the market now, what better way to become informed than to see all of the vendors' information in one place so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

The MOBILE ROBOT BUYER GUIDE will explain all of the different applications for mobile robots and categorize all of the current solutions by their capabilities.

"Until now, there hasn't been a single place to go and learn about all of the different mobile robot vendors and see a comparison of the products."

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IF you are looking for a MOBILE ROBOT, then you've come to the right place.

The MOBILE ROBOT GUIDE is here to serve robot buyers by providing:

the latest product information, verified reviews and a community of like-minded buyers.


Our mission is to educate you about MOBILE ROBOTS and then connect you directly to the vendors and integrators so that you can quickly and easily make your buying decision.

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    CUT THROUGH THE NOISE: If you're confused about all of the vendor claims and the new technology, we'll help you cut through the noise so that you can make an informed buying decision.
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    MAKE A SMART DECISION: MOBILE ROBOTS are cool, but there is still a lot of immature technology and brand new solutions on the market. Don't make a buying decision without knowing what you're getting into and how to make a good buying decision.
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    CONNECT WITH OTHER BUYERS: The MOBILE ROBOT BUYERS guide is designed for new buyers. We'll help you understand exactly what this technology is all about and how it can help you help achieve your production or automation goals.
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    POST A REVIEW: If you've already purchased and deployed a MOBILE ROBOT, then we invite you to join the conversation, review your solution and help inform others about your experience deploying mobile robots.

You'll become an expert in no time.

The MOBILE ROBOT BUYERS GUIDE delivers several key features to help you make an informed and timely buying decision:



Learn how mobile robots work and what is required for your application.  

The Latest News

Stay informed with the latest news specifically about the world of MOBILE ROBOTS.


Trends / Surveys

DATA is king and we will provide you with the latest trending data directly from other buyers.


Online Community

Join other mobile robot enthusiasts and buyers like yourself online. Get answers directly from other buyers and our experts. You don't have to do this solo...


Verified  Product Reviews

Once you purchase a mobile robot and successfully implement it, we will feature your verified review to help inform other buyers.


Vendor Directory

MOBILE ROBOT ROBOT has the most complete vendor directory to help you select the best vendor and integration partner.

Join the conversation now!

While we finish up the last bit of the initial buyers guide, you can join the online community now, and start participating in our private Facebook group.


From now, until the Guide is published, we're granting free, lifetime access** to the Facebook group for the first 25 members who join. We're looking for early adopters who are passionate about mobile robots and want to share their opinions and help get the community moving and growing.

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A Word About the Buyers Guide...

The Mobile Robot market is just beginning to mature. There are now a bunch of mobile robot vendors bringing new products to market. Some solutions are from established, multi-national automation suppliers, and others from young, regional startups. There are a lot of cool ideas new ideas out there, but not all of them are likely to meet your needs. That's why you need the buyers guide.

We're on the buyers side. The idea to create a buyers guide and a community came because we realized that there wasn't another resource out there with great, current, neutral, information. The MOBILE ROBOT BUYERS GUIDE will fill that void.

We're not sure where this is headed exactly... We know that there is strong need for this information, but we're not sure exactly what form it needs to evolve into. As a result we're looking for early adopters (like you) on this journey to help use shape this educational path and information. We're not charging early adopters charging for the information initially, and we'll respect our early adopters with steep discounts on whatever business model evolves.

We want to connect buyers with vendors. We see our role in educating buyers, helping them determine if they have a need real for mobile robots and to find a viable vendor with a real solution.

Image of the cover of the ebook

You won't find another resource like this one...

The MOBILE ROBOT BUYERS GUIDE is a one-of-a-kind resource. Reserve your copy now by joining our mailing list.

​We'll let you know when the MOBILE ROBOT BUYERS GUIDE is ready for publication.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost?

How can vendors get involved?

I am mobile robot researcher and/or university professor or student, how can I get involved?

Will you cover other, non-mobile robots and collaborative robot applications?

Good things don't last forever. That includes the opportunity to join the community for free and have access to the inaugural release of the buyers guide at a substantial savings.

This deal closes on Feb 15, 2018 - OR - when we reach the first 25 members (which ever comes first). After that, there will be fee (TBA) to join the community and purchase the Buyers Guide.


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