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Case 5: Whitepaper

Deliverable: Whitepaper (~1500 words)

Market: Robotics / Mobile Robots

Customer: Savioke

Link to deliverable: The ROI of Hotel Delivery Robots


Savioke was the first mobile robot manufacturer to launch a mobile delivery robot for the task of room deliveries in hotels. The Savioke robot is sold in a robots-as-a-service subscription model.

MarketSpec worked with Savioke to author a new whitepaper outlining the return on investment (ROI) for hotel delivery use cases and robots-as-a-service (RaaS). 

Project Details​

The project required in depth research with existing Savioke customers. Savioke provided a list of hotel general managers who are existing Savioke customers. These customers were interviewed to gain a better, first hand, understanding of the use of the Relay robot within their facilities and the purchasing decision. From these interviews along with other market research, the ROI model was developed and documented in a whitepaper. The whitepaper is currently being used for lead generation.

The development of the ROI model was a complex process involving multiple iterations with the sales leadership to refine the message and develop a message that works well with the target audience.

Next Steps: Savioke to use the whitepaper as a marketing lead generation call-to-action in upcoming online advertising and social media campaigns.

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