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Case 7: Whitepaper

Deliverable: Whitepaper (~1500 words)

Market: Data Migration

Customer: Maxis Technology

Link to deliverable: Data Management Simplify and automate even complex data projects


Maxis Technology is in the data management market. They offer data migration tools which automation the backup and migration of major enterprise applications. 

Maxis just released a new version of their solution and needed a whitepaper as a call to action for the marketing programs in line with the product launch.

Project Details​

This project lead came to us through the LinkedIn ProFinder program. The project lead at Maxis Technology didn't have a project partner and decided to the use the ProFinder feature in LinkedIn to find a capable resource. Market Spec answer the RFP request and won the opportunity.

The project topic was new for Market Spec, but still within our knowledge base and experience with enterprise software solutions. After a training session on the solution and interviews with several internal technical resources the whitepaper was outlined and drafted.

It took several iterations, along with additional contribution from internal technical resources at Maxis to help refine the final version.

Next Steps: Maxis plans to use the whitepaper as a marketing lead generation call-to-action in upcoming online advertising and social media campaigns.

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