Case 1: Whitepaper

Deliverable: Whitepaper (~1500 words)

Market: Robotics / Software as a Service


Link to deliverable: Manufacturers embracing SaaS for functionality and flexibility


Tend has introduced the first hardware agnostic, smart cloud robotics software that enables manufacturers to remotely control, monitor and analyze the performance of their robots and production equipment from their mobile devices.

MarketSpec worked with Tend to author a new whitepaper highlighting the advantages of implementing cloud robotics and software-as-a-service (SaaS) on the manufacturing floor. 

Project Details​

​The project was completed in three weeks, including initial research and final layout. The topic of robotics, enterprise software and SaaS are all well within the knowledge wheel house for Market Spec, so the research was focused on understanding the Tend solution and distilling the value points to be communicated in the whitepaper.

Week 1 - Research interview with Tend, to outline whitepaper and gather initial data about Tend solution.

Week 2 - Initial draft reviewed, edits made. First final draft completed.

Week 3 - Finals drafts reviewed, edited. Approved. Layout completed by client resource. Ready for publication.​

Next Steps: Tend plans to use the whitepaper as a marketing lead generation call-to-action in upcoming online advertising and social media campaigns.

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