Case 2: Competitive Research

Deliverable: In-depth market research and executive strategy session

Market: Industrial Robotics

Customer: Confidential


The customer is a major, established, worldwide industrial robot supplier.

MarketSpec was hired to complete an in-depth market research project to review all of the major industrial robot suppliers and complete an analysis of competitive product and sales channels for the market, compared to the clients product line. Results and recommendations were presented to the clients executive marketing and sales leaders.

Project Details​

​The project was completed in six weeks. Market research was focused on identifying existing and new competitors in the target markets and completing primary and secondary research about the competitive and client products.

Data was compiled and edited into a background market research report.

Recommendations distilled from the data were organized into an executive presentation and delivered in-person during and onsite strategy meeting with executive team.

Next Steps: Client plans to use the market research to inform decisions on product direction along with channel development and sales/marketing programs for the fiscal year.

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