Case 4: Product Launch

Deliverable: Company & Product Launch

Market: SaaS Software

Customer: Company is currently cloaked

Link to website: ​<TBA: Fall 2017>


Client is a SaaS software company currently cloaked. The company is developing a new software platform to help entrepreneurs run their business. 

MarketSpec was hired by the company founder to assume all VP of Marketing responsibilities, as the company prepares to launch its first product to market. 

Project Details​

​The product is currently in development, the engineering team is staffed and busy working. When MarketSpec was brought onboard, none of the outbound marketing deliverables had been scoped or created. MarketSpec is actively developing all of the outbound launch deliverables including:

  • ​Company & product launch plans
  • PR plan for launch
  • Corporate style guide
  • Website design
  • All website content
  • Affiliate marketing program development & recruitment
  • Pricing and licensing
  • Product partner recruiting
  • Competitive research & response
  • Revenue management plan (after launch)

Next Steps: Over the next year, as the company decloaks and version 1 of the product is released, MarketSpec will manage all of the outbound marketing programs.

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